Acoustical and multipurpose
high-performance textile solutions.

Icone acoustique 600 x 600

High acoustical transparency allows these fabrics to optimize the sound-absorbing qualities of an installation. Ideal for music studios and home theaters!

Icone panel 600 x 600

Used for wall panels or office cubicles, tackable panel textiles retain their shape
even on large vertical surfaces.

Icone upholstery 600 x 600

Designed to be used on furniture, these upholstery weaves can withstand more
wear and tear.

If you are building a home studio or home theater, our fabrics are ideal for wrapping or covering your own acoustic panels!

Textile design is a subtle artform. We play with myriad details that need to translate into fabrics that will feel fresh and stand the test of time.

Lynne Willis, Creative Director

Fabric Styles

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